Artist Statement

For me, sculpting the human form is exploring the human condition.  Inner emotions are always reflected in the body.  Most honest is the torso, where the essence of who we are gets manifested in the physical core – and shown through contour and gesture.

To put such oneness of form and emotion into my clay, I work deeply from my own inner senses of body and feeling.  This allows me to tap sources truer than my intellectual mind, and the resulting pieces often surprise me with more honesty and nuance than my initial feeling.  What has come forth are themes of growth and liberation.

My forms need equally expressive surfaces.  Over the years, I have developed raku, pit and wood firing methods to give my pieces evocative ceramic skins.  By the time a piece has been formed and fired, it has experienced its own life transformation and can express mine.  And when other people find a part of themselves in my work, I believe I have reached into the universal.