A splendid time was had by all

In my last post, I wrote that a piece from my Figures in Space series had been accepted to a national juried show at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.  Here is how it got to a prize-winning pedestal.  On the left, just out of the raku kiln, as the firing slip is being brushed off to reveal the craquelure.  The next picture shows it on the way to installation at the BWAC gallery, seat-belted into the passenger seat of my car.  The third picture is me with Lilly Wei, a noted modern art critic, curator and writer, who juried the BWAC show and awarded my piece the “Best in Show Bronze.”  In the fourth picture, it is standing proud.

This was a very successful journey for the piece, as well as an odyssey for me.  To see my work among the 50+ great pieces that Lilly accepted for the show was deeply satisfying, regardless of the award.  The BWAC artist/volunteers who put on the show — particularly Judith Hooper, Susan Handwerker and Janet Rothholz — created a great exhibition.  Lilly Wei lent her knowledge, stature and considerable grace.  The other artists and attendees made it a very stimulating and enjoyable opening.  This was my first national show.  We all have to start somewhere, and I feel very fortunate.

Now back to the studio. . . .

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