I am angry at politicians who preach fear and stigmatization against minorities and ethnicities.  The legacy of color divisions, which those politicians would only perpetuate, still drags on the strength of our great country.  When any of us is held back, none of us can truly move forward.  I know that many people sincerely believe we live in a post-racial society and economy.  But if that were true, the fear-mongers would not be finding such an audience.  That is why I wanted to show a vigorous figure that drags race-color blocks on its feet.  And when I wrapped those stenciled color names around the blocks, even more racially charged words-within-words came out: “bred,” “own,” “lack,” “hit,” “yell” and “ow.”  But ultimately, I feel very optimistic.  Calling out our problems is how we fix them, when people of good will come together and we reject the politics of fear and division.

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